Apple Announces iOS 5.0


     Today, Apple announced iOS 5.0, which is due out this fall. Here are the highlights of the updated operating system:

  • All Apple hardware running iOS 5.0 will work right out of the box - no more plugging in to a computer before operating it. Devices will also be able to update over the air.
  • iOS 5.0 will run a new notifications system, called Notification Center. A notification alert will come up near the clock, so it will not interrupt the currently running app.
  • Twitter is intergrated into all apps, including Safari, YouTube, and Maps.
  • iOS 5.0 introduces basic photo editing, such as cropping and red eye reduction. There will also be a shortcut to get to the camera more quickly.
  • Apple introduced iMessage, its version of BBM. It works across iOS on all devices and allows users to send messages, photos, videos, and contacts.




[via nerdology]

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