Matthew Modine Reportedly Playing A "Politician And A Key Villain" In BATMAN 3

     Ever since it was announced that Matthew Modine would be playing a character called Nixon in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, not much effort has been expended speculating about his exact role in the film. Now, however, it seems that more attention ought to be focused on him.

     According to Roger Friedman over at Showbiz 411, Modine will have a significant role in the movie. "I'm told that Modine –whose character's name has been reported as Nixon– is playing an appropriate character for his name. 'He's a politician and a key villain,' says a source."

     Gotham has no shortage of corrupt politicians on whom Nolan could have based the character of Nixon, from mayors to councilmen who have all clashed with the Bat and Jim Gordon. IGN has compiled a starting list of possible contenders, although it is by no means exhaustive.

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