Grant Morrison, Barry Sonnenfeld Teaming Up On DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS

     In cinematic history, we've seen MONSTERS VS. ALIENS, aliens versus humans, humans versus dinosaurs, and soon, COWBOYS AND ALIENS. But have we ever seen dinosaurs square off against alien invaders? I don't think so. And it looks like Grant Morrison and director Barry Sonnenfeld are interested in seeing what would come from such a battle.

     Deadline reports that the pair are developing a graphic novel and movie idea aptly titled DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS. Morrison will write the graphic novel and the script while Sonnenfeld, who is currently helming MEN IN BLACK 3, will direct.

     Here is how Deadline describes the plot of the property:

The graphic novel will chronicle a secret prehistoric world war battle. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, the planet's only hope is the giants that roam the planet with, it turns out, a lot more intelligence than previously realized.

     The graphic novel is due out for release later this year, with art by Mukesh Singh.

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