GeekWeek Podcast Episode 38

For the week of May 23rd 2011, this is your multiverse. Though trecherous, this week we go the journey alone.

Hosts: Bryan J Daggett, Marisa Stotter


01:30 - Tattoos and Comics

06:30 - Muppets? What?

09:30 - David Slade IS Directing DEVIL

10:34 - Good Bye WONDER WOMAN, We Knew You Too Well

14:12 - Stane Lee Spoils SIPDERMAN

15:40 - THE WOLVERINE Has a Shortlist

20:36 - STAR WARS

26:31 - COD MW3 Gameplay Footage (Video here)

29:25 - LA NOIRE Aids Asperger's

32:16 - Marisa's GeekWeek

33:57 - Bryan's GeekWeek

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