THE DARKNESS II Comic Book Prequel Is Free


For this year's Free Comic Book Day Top Cow Productions will be launching a prequel to the up coming video game The Darnkess 2 from 2K Games.

As a silver sponsor, Top Cow have shown dedication to Free Comic Book Day since day 1 with previous series intro titles like Broken Trinity #0, Artifacts #0, and First Born: Conception. They have consistently proven that their events and series reboots are the most accessible in the industry. Now we can add a notch to the belt.

The prequel, The Darkness II: Confession #1, gathers the talents of writers Matt Hawkins and Filip Sablik with pencils lent by Darkness alum Michael Broussard and Sunny Gho from Top Cow's event Artifacts; cover by Matt Timson (Impaler, The Darkness). Confession will catch readers new and old up to speed with Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado in preparation for the events taking place in the game, you know... like a prequel.

Top Cow President Matt Hawkins told the folks over at FCD that “Top Cow has always supported Free Comic Book Day and this year we’ve created our best offering yet with The Darkness II: Confession, a prequel to the upcoming video game The Darkness II by 2K Games. In working closely with 2K Games on the comic, we’ve ensured that everything fits into The Darkness’ canon for long-time and new fans of Jackie Estacado. This free comic is a perfect primer for the game.” 

I spoke with Writer and Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik about his meet up with 2K Games scheduled a few days before Wondercon. While most of the game related details will remain in his impenetrable vault, he did blurt a few unbiased opinions in the vein of "it looks incredible." 

Top Cow's dedication to excellence and bad-assery should blend nicely the kick-assery we've all come to expect from 2K Games. 

Be sure to pick up The Darkness II: Confession on May 7th at a Comic Book Retailer near you. And watch out for 2K's The Darkness II this fall on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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[via FCD]

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