Summit Acquires ENDER'S GAME

     Deadline reports that Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights to adapt Orson Scott Card's science fiction novel, ENDER'S GAME.

     Gavin Hood will direct from his own script. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will produce along with Odd Lot's Gigi Pritzker and Linda McDonough, Lynn Hendee, and the author.

     ENDER'S GAME takes place just after Earth has been invaded by aliens. A desperate government recruits children to fight back, testing their skills in a Quidditch-meets-lightsaber-battles sort of combat game. One child emerges as a great strategist and Earth's only hope of survival.

     Although ENDER'S GAME oozes genre blockbuster, it has had a tortured history on its way to the big screen. Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the novel back in 2002 and tried to make the film with Wolfgang Petersen for several years. However, the author's hands-on presence complicated matters and the studio's option lapsed, allowing Odd Lot to swoop in and pick up the rights.

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