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Kate Middleton 2011
Among royal wedding collectibles, consider this: Kate and Will cereal boxes filled with real cereal and decked out with rad artwork by a guy who does some fine skate punk art too. Limited to 1,000 boxes, each individually numbered, this one, or these two, could be your keepsakes from the big day. Just go to Royal Breakfast Company and check it out for yourself. These fine folk are not out to make a fast buck. They are a classy bunch as you shall see.

Royal Breakfast Company 2011

The Royal Breakfast Company is made up of a talented group of young people. Usamah Chaudhary is the leader of the group. Tiffany Philippou handles social media and marketing. Brian Romero provided the art. Amir Hajizamani built and maintains the Web site. Jonathan Mann provided the music. And Simon Buxton provided the photography. Usamah and Tiffany met working at a venture capital backed startup, onefinestay. Before that, Tiffany founded Secret London, an online community that grew to over 200,000 members in a matter of weeks. And beyond that, this group looks forward to helping kids in need. GeekWeek caught up with Usamah Chaudhary for a quick interview.

GeekWeek: Give us an intriguing factoid about your cereal boxes.

Usamah Chaudhary: The whole Royal Breakfast Company went from just an idea to us having our first boxes delivered in less than 10 days!

GW: That said, can you describe the spark that led to the idea and how it evolved with all of you?

UC: The spark actually came from a startup in the US called airbnb that made cereal boxes for the US presidential election in 2008: Obama O's and Cap'n McCains. We thought it was a really cool idea, and thought it'd be fun to do a version for the UK where we may not have a president, but we do have the monarchy!! I decided to sink my savings into buying all the cereal we'd need, and called around the others, who all wanted to be involved, forming a fun team!

GW: Do you think Kate and Will are aware of your commemorative cereal boxes?

UC: We sent them the first boxes we produced (check out the picture of their address, on our blog, so we certainly hope so! We'd love for them to have a hearty breakfast on their big day!

GW: Do you believe these collectibles will go up in value?

UC: We're sure they will - this royal wedding is a historic event that has captured the imagination of the British public watching Wills and Kate living out a bit of a fairytale romance! We only produced 1,000 numbered boxes, and we're sure we'll see them selling on eBay in a few years for a lot more!
GW: What do you consider the best way to take care of one's valuable royal wedding keepsake?

UC: We recommend having one's butler store one's collectible cereal in a cool, dry place, away from the press.
GW: What lies ahead for Royal Breakfast dot com? Please let us know about plans for the future.

UC: We could see a whole line of celebrity cereal lurking... 'Album launch, Kanye? How about some Kanye Krunchies?'! More likely, after making sure Wills and Kate get a good start to their big day, we'll be using some of the proceeds from the Royal Breakfast Company to ensure millions of kids get a good start to life, by using the money to fund another venture: this one will be a technology startup focused on improving education by making tools to help teachers.
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