GeekWeek Podcast Episode 35

For the week of April 25th 2011, this is your multiverse. Prep your fez and bow-tie, this week will wreck your body.

Hosts: Bryan J Daggett, Marisa Stotter

Guest Host: Alan Kistler


02:11 - Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Recap & Review

09:34 - Marvel Releases...Something?..

11:53 - Thor Post Credits Scene

16:43 - Immortals Trailer

20:27 - PSN Goes Down; We Cry Bloody Murder

26:28 - Female Baddie Announced For Man of Steel

35:10 - The Nook Gets

40:57 - ComiCenter Joins GeekWeek

44:41 - Marisa's GeekWeek

47:19 - Alan's GeekWeek

51:29 - Bryan's GeekWeek

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