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I am in amazement of the trading mentality of some fantasy baseball owners these days. I usually see what I need, look at my opponents’ weaknesses and go from there to make a trade. That seems reasonable enough, correct? This one leaguemate had relatively weak hitting ain the OF and a utility spot,. Needing a closer and hi, having three, I offered up either Michael Bourn or Carlos Beltran, two relatively decent #3 outfielders, for mediocre slow starting Francisco Cordero. I was told “No, but you can have Brandon League for the same price.” I mean, come on, people. League is losing his job in one week with the return of David Aardsma to the Seattle Mariners. So does the guy have nerve, is he trying to get rid of me, making me angry in the process, or just without a clue as to League? I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m just annoyed right now. The trade offers were fair and fulfilled needs for everyone. And last season, this guy wouldn’t even think of trading me Beltran for anything, Beltran actually being on DL nmost of that season. Point is, be patient when trading. You;re not always dealing on an equal playing field…

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