Barnes & Noble, Graphic.Ly Launch Comic Apps On Nook Color



     Yesterday, we reported that Barnes & Noble is starting to get into the comic book market by selling monthly single issues beginning in June. This seems to be part of a bigger plan to corner the comics market, which includes the bookseller extending its reach into the ever-growing realm of digital comics.

     Barnes & Noble and digital comics platform Graphic.Ly are teaming up to bring digital comics to Barnes & Nobles's e-reader, the Nook Color. Beginning today, Nook Color owners can download apps that will provide them with access to a few starting comics titles.

     Here is the official word from Graphic.Ly's blog:

Today, our friends at Barnes & Noble launched a major update to the e-reader, the Nook Color. The update included the addition of an app store, so that you can now purchase and run apps in addition to reading e-books.And what are some of those apps? Why they just happen to be some of the most popular graphic novels provided exclusively through Graphicly!

Starting today, Nook Color owners can purchase and downloads apps for reading the following amazing graphic novels:

    • Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 - Archaia
    • Wanted - Top Cow/Image
    • Irredeemable - BOOM! Studios

We’ve worked with Barnes & Noble to specially craft these apps to be optimized for reading on the Nook Color, and I’ve got to say, they’re pretty sweet. The Nook Color is a great device (running on the Android platform from Google) and is super affordable at only $249.  So if you’re looking for a new way to read digital comics, you might want to give the Nook Color a try, especially now that it’s got Graphicly on it. 



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