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Last time I checked, the story arc in “ACTION COMICS” about Lex Luthor taking over everything was doing well. Granted, I don't keep up with "Action Comics" all that much but I believe it is fair to say that you can’t tell for sure what the quality is of the overall story from the super spectacular #900 because, well, it is a super spectacular issue. Time for throw downs and explosions, right? And hey,that’s not all bad, really. Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and knock some heads together, just don’t expect much of a story.

What makes up for it is excellent artwork by some legends in the biz, like Rags Morales. For the most part, everyone in this story is in panic mode, speaking in short clipped remarks. I don’t even know who all has been captured by Doomsday. It looks like Supergirl and three Superman-related guys. Maybe one is Superboy. And the other two appear to be robots. The one thing that’s for sure is that the fact that they are trapped is, in fact, a trap to lure Superman! He falls for it and, by the end of the story, Doomsday has managed to multiply himself so you’ve got a bunch of Doomsdays ready to kill Superman like he’s never been killed before! That’s the set up for the next story arc.

Lex Luthor DC Comics 2011
In between that, Lex Luthor proved he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was. After attaining god-like powers, the multi-verse at his feet, he refuses to do the one thing that will keep him in power: be nice. The guy can’t be nice! That part cracked me up.

I do love over-sized super spectacular issues of comics, especially for the oddball extras. The two that stand out for me are the story by Damon Lindelof, co-creator of “LOST,” and a story told in a screenplay format by Richard Donner (Yes, that Richard Donner, "SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE") and Derek Hoffman, complete with storyboards by Matt Camp. The story by Damon Lindelof is a fun piece, an understated and elegant peek behind the scenes just before the world ended, the world of Krypton that is. Not too much to the story but it has a nice tension about it and the characters are interesting, so much so that it might be interesting to expand this short piece into something bigger.

The story told like a screenplay is fun too and is well worth the price of admission to see an impressive display of what some talented people can do when allowed to play with the big toys. What is most interesting is the decidedly mean and vindictive streak in Clark Kent in this story!

Action Comics 900
It’s not like Clark Kent/Superman hasn’t had to deal with countless threats. Clark even says as much when the character emerging as the villain throws down a challenge to Superman. But, no, this time Clark takes it personally and nearly kills the guy. Just read and draw your own conclusions. If they were to animate this or turn it into an episode of “SMALLVILLE” or some such thing, you’d really feel the impact of Superman crossing the line. It’s a solid little piece of entertainment and a great way to end “Action Comics, #900.”
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