Remember a couple weeks back when 30 Rock aired the episode titled "Queen of Jordan"?

I do. I remember laughing a ton…but I also remember yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" at a couple places near the end of the show.

This is why:

So the B-story goes like this: The writers learn that schoolteacher Lynn Onkman (Susan Sarandon), who was imprisoned for having an affair with a 14 year old student being released from prison after a lengthy sentence. The surprises continue as they not only discover that the student in question was FRANK (Judah Friedlander) but that they were 'madly in love' as well. When they're finally reunited for the first time, Lynn is dismayed that Frank has never really grown up, so she leaves him. This snaps Frank back to life and he seeks her out at her day job in a diner to PROVE he's ready to grow up, put away childish things and be with her.

Here's where it becomes life-scarring… prove how much he loves her, not only does Frank deep fry a Skeletor action figure but deep fries a copy of Marvel's Avengers Academy #8 as well.



The following is an open letter from Marvel Comics's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Sr. Vice President/Executive Editor Tom Breevort to the writers of 30 Rock.


Ha haaaaaaaaaaa. I love these boys and I love my 30 Rock!

...but seriously, stop deep frying comic books or else.

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