Tis true, tis true.

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Mega Man Universe has been cancelled and will never see the light of day.

Capcom confirmed that production has stopped due to "various circumstances" in a statement posted this morning on Mega Man fans everywhere were both excited and curious when rumors of a reboot hit the interwebs last year when Joystiq found a trademark filing and subsequent trailers/details about MMU were released soon after.

Scheduled for release sometime this year for PS3 and 360, MMU was touted as being something in the vein of "Mega Man 2 vs Little Big Planet", as players would be able to design levels and share them with friends and other players; as well as being the first Japanese release (known as "Rock Man") using the "Mega Man" title.

Here's a look at what might've been: 


With a game seemingly so close to the finish line to be cancelled is a bit of a sad tragedy and somewhat of a mystery. Speculations run about the possible cancellation run high - ranging from MM creator Keiji Inafune's leaving Capcom after 23 years to the recent earthquake, tsunamis, and nuclear problems in Japan…and until I hear differently; these are pretty much my thoughts as well.

Only time will (hopefully) tell if we'll ever see another Mega Man...


Fingers crossed.

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