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What is there to talk about, now that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have won Super Bowl XLV? Certainly it has to be how Rodgers became the Super Bowl MVP, even though he wasn’t a highly touted high school quarterback and had to go the junior college route in order to play football at Cal. Nah, that was played out well before Christina Aguilera botched the Star Spangled Banner and Cameron Diaz was caught feeding popcorn to Alex Rodriguez. Or it could be how Alex Smith was chosen over Aaron Rodgers as the first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, which then allowed Rodgers to drop to the Packers at the 24th pick? Nah, we will save that for later this year when Jim Harbaugh benches Alex Smith for ineffective play, thus ending Smith’s run in San Francisco. Or maybe it is Rodgers emerging from the shadow cast by you know who? Nope, Favre’s raging narcissism has him possibly joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars. What a disaster that should be!

What we can talk about is the Super Bowl Hangover and how it might impact the two quarterbacks from a fantasy perspective next season. The ‘hangover’ is the idea that the teams participating in the Super Bowl have a tendency to have less than super seasons the following year. Five of the last 12 Super Bowl champions missed the postseason altogether the following year, while the New England Patriots are the only team during that time to repeat. Many will point to the longer season (shorter off-season for you pessimists), the extra demand on the QB’s time as well as the general letdown that is natural once goals are achieved. Hangover schmangover, this is fantasy football and we couldn’t care less about the overall team and whether they make the playoffs. If team records and playoff appearances mattered in fantasy football, players like T.O., Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Brandon Lloyd and Adrian Peterson would be on the waiver wire and not the cornerstone of your team.

So keeping this in mind, Dirt Dog did what a dirt dog does, and that is dig. Try repeating that sentence 5x times fast. I dug into the last 10 years of Super Bowl participating quarterbacks and focused on their overall rank (based on QB rating) at the end of the regular season during their Super Bowl season and their overall rank the following year. The winning QB is in bold. Drumroll please….


Kurt Warner (#3 in ’00); (#1 in ’01) Prime of his career

Steve McNair (#11 in ’00); (#5 in ’01) Prime of his career


Tom Brady (#6 in ’01); (#9 in ’02) Hello world, meet Mr. Brady

Kurt Warner (#1 in ’01); (NR) Injuries and ineffectiveness


Rich Gannon (#2 in ’02); (#20 in ’03) Peak to twilight of career; injury

Brad Johnson (#3 in ’02); (#12 in ’03) Peak to twilight of career; injury


Jake Delhomme (#14 in ’03); (#12 in ’04) This is a peak? How did Carolina make it to the SB?

Tom Brady (#10 in ’03); (#9 in ’04) Brady is becoming Brady


Donovan McNabb (#4 in ’04); (#16 in ’05 *9 games) Peak to twilight of career; injury

Tom Brady (#9 in ’04); (#6 in ’05) Everybody loves Brady


Matt Hasselback (#4 in ’05); (#19 in ’06) Peak to twilight of career; injury; see McNabb

Ben Roethlisberger (#3 in ’05); (#21 in ’06) Motorcycle accident; appendectomy


Peyton Manning (#1 in ’06); (#4 in ’07) Prime of his career

Rex Grossman (#24 in ’06); (#32 in ’07) Flash in the pan. Orton is the QB with relevance


Eli Manning (#25 in ’07); (#14 in ’08) First step into prime of his career

Tom Brady (#1 in ’07); (INJ) Brady is Brady


Ben Roethlisberger (#24 in ’08); (#5 in ’09) No bad sacks and turning ball over; Defense is sick

Kurt Warner (#3 in ’08); (#10 in ’09) Reemergence in AZ; Fitzy & Boldin help too


Drew Brees (#1 in ’09); (#12 in ’10) No consistent running game

Peyton Manning (#6 in ’09); (#10 in ’10) No consistent running game


I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but envision the final contestants on a “reality” TV show being forced to revisit all of the other contestants that were eliminated during the season. “It is a real shame we had to vote Delhomme out. I feel a tad guilty, but his southern charm sure would’ve won him some votes from the jury. Oh yeah, he also liked to throw a lot of interceptions too.”

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