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It scared the heck out of Manu Ginobli owners everywhere that he came off the bench the other night. But we have been assured it was a one-time only proposition, so relax, friends… I’m looking for big things from Darren Collison, as the Indiana offense is his baby to run under a new coaching staff… If Paul Westphal isn’t messing with the head of DeMarcus Cousins, he, himself, will mess up apparently. Cousins, who has been ballin’ in his rook season, had a physical altercation with a teammate, thus being removed from Sacto’s upcoming three game series. What a shame that is… I wish that the Nets would have a heart and just FREE TROY MURPHY already… Nice triple-double from Rajon Rondo on Sunday. He’s a stats machine when healthy. That’s for certain…

BARGAIN ON A WIRE: Sam Young is getting some clock in Memphis with OJ Mayo being out. He has averaged 18 points and 5 rebounds in his last three games… Shaun Livingston is scoring in double figures and giving owners some assist. He is worth a flier in deeper leagues… Christian Eyenga is getting a chance in Cleveland. If he’s good enough for the Cavs, he might also deserve a shot at the end of deep benches… Peja Stojocovic just had a big game versus the Rockets and is suddenly a waiver wire big deal… Despite all the other options in Dallas, JJ Barea seems to be getting his. Is he getting it for you?

:  Before setting your lineup for the week ahead, check the status for: Zach Randolph (ankle), Andrei Kirilienko (ankle), Amir Johnson (ankle), and Rashard Lewis (knee).

It’s All-Star week. Most teams have just two games…Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, New York, OKC, Orlando, Toronto and Washington all just have one, so plan accordingly.

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