After the RoboCop statue... RoboCharity!

So on Twitter this morning comic-book author Ron Marz (@ronmarz) was complaining about the recent geekwide efforts to fund a RoboCop statue in Detroit while that economically-bereft city is struggling so badly. Maybe, he argued, that $50,000 they raised could be spent on something more useful, like a soup kitchen. I thought he was being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud so I tweeted back to argue that whimsy has its own value and place in the world and that the statue would probably bring its own kind of good to the city of Detroit in the form of tourism dollars far surpassing its cost. But the more I thought about it, the more I agreed with Ron - it's funny how quickly the internet will come together for something it thinks is cool or ironic or just generally lulz-worthy, but earnest, frankly less sexy causes so easily go overlooked.

So, I suggested to Ron that he put his money where his mouth is and instead of just complaining about it, do something. The bastard called my bluff so we've both now donated a little something to a charity called Forgotten Harvest which does amazing work feeding and serving the poor and underprivileged in Detroit. We now suggest you join us and do the same. There's an online donation link right there on the site so giving whatever you can afford could not be easier! We also ask that you forward this link via Twitter and Facebook so others can help out too! If you tweet it, please use the hashtag #robocharity so we can keep track of it!

Thanks for your attention, and remember - stay out of trouble.

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