The Verizon iPhone 4. Too Little Too Soon?


The blogosphere has exploded, and rightly so, in response to Verizon's official iPhone 4 announcement made on Tuesday. As high as the hopes were that Big Red were FINALLY getting their hands on a CDMA iPhone, the missed opportunity to launch as an LTE device has not gone unnoticed. With Apple's annual Keynote a mere 6 months away, it's somewhat of a surprise that Seidenberg and friends chose a February release. 

Iphone-vzw-hands-dsc0554-rm-eng Verizon-iphone4 Iphone-vzw-hands-dsc0558-rm-eng

What we were all expecting was a mighty migration, leaving AT&Tin the dust with nothing but a few stripped Galaxy devices begging for a welcome mat on the doorstep of the OHA. But, according to an engadget poll a whopping 44% of readers said they will not be getting a Verizon iPhone using a solid "NOPE." 38% have declined in mixed responses, leaving a whimpering 18% sold on the idea. Scary numbers for Verizon. Only time will tell.


So how about you?

Do you think Verizon jumped the shark? Jumped the gun? Shot a shark with a gun? 

Will you take Apple's red pill? or wait for the LTE iPhone's almost immanent launch at this years Keynote.

Sound off in the comment section below.


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