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What I can never understand is why on a big football day, they can’t squeeze in a little basketball for us fantasy junkies. I mean, the first NFL playoff game didn’t start til 4pm ET, which left for lots of time to watch a game of roundball or two. Of course, there is one game tonight… in the middle of the NFL schedule… go figure.

Nice to see Trevor Ariza once again being fantasy relevant. It was just a matter of time…With Jrue Holiday wearing out physically from playing many minutes, look for Lou Williams to spike in value statistically going forward… This has been a career season for Eric Gordon. If only he weren’t hurt every third game… PLEASE, Guys. Trade Carmelo Anthony or shut up about it so we can all figure out to do with our traded players post-trade. I mean, is it time to pick up JR Smith,Ty Lawson and Aaron Affalo, or not? I gotta wonder… There have been reports that Brandon Roy might return later this season. Personally, I think  they play a better brand of basketball without him in Portland. His injury has made commodities of Nicholas Batum and Wesley Matthews.

BARGAIN ON A WIRE: Kwame Brown has been a favorite pickup, as he is good for double figure boards on any given night and is getting sufficient PT to do so… Chuck Hayes has averaged 10 ppg and 8 rpg in his last five… Marcin Gortat has given the Suns three double-doubles in a row and is into his game… Mike Miller should get extended run if Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh miss much time in Miami… DeJuan Blair is upping his game in the Alamo and is worth a flier… I still don’t hate Jason Thompson in cumulative leagues. He has good games every now and again…

: Al Horford (ankle). Andre Miller (illness), Ramon Sessions (abdomen), Chris Bosh (ankle), and Dwayne Wade (knee).

Beware of using Portland players other than LaMarcus Aldridge this week as they only play twice…


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