Los Angeles Gets Own Comic Con: COMIKAZE

Welcome to Comikaze, how may I blow your mind?


As first reported by GirlGamer.com, November 2011 will see a Los Angeles comic con; Comikaze. 

Created by siblings Regina and Mario Carpinelli, who grew up in Southern California and spent their formative years loving all things related to the world of comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and anime.  With the help of their close friends Klaus Moeller and Shelle Mannion (who also happen to be big comic book fans) this collective of family and friends brings an event that has been missing from our fair city.

Comikaze says that they will be unlike any other comic-related event in the entire US.  Having spent much time researching the top conventions in the United States, the Comikaze Team promises an event that will thrill and excite even the most casual comic book fan. 

“Comikaze is a multi-tiered event created by true blue comic fans with deep ties to the entertainment world. Not only will Comikaze have a classic convention vibe, but will turn eye-witnesses into fans of the motley concoction of genres presented.” - Regina Carpinelli, co-founder

The Comikaze Team also stressed that they are not looking to make this just another "event ONLY for industry people and superfans but would like to create an alternative to the standard fan convention for the community and for the city of Los Angeles to enjoy for years to come."

Comikaze is also looking toward philanthropy as a percentage of all proceeds from the show will go to Amazon Foundation, a favorite charity of the the staff.

More info about Comikaze 2011 can be found on their official website.


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