Another week gone by and so many unpredictable thingsd happening on a weekly or even a daily basis in the NBA and thus on fantasy teams. Your stud player may have an off night that kills your week. The hot guy you just traded for… maybe not so hot after you get him. Somebody makes ya wait perhaps for two weeks on a blockbuster deal that could turn your team around… it’s all that and a lot more. Just figured, then based on all the thinking I end up doing about this stuff, I’d share some thoughts with y’all:

Ron Artest is going  to tell us after a season-plus that he doesn’t get the triangle offense, hence his hesitation as far as any great success- Come on, Ron-Ron. You are just an afterthought in the offense option depth chart cause you’re just not as good as Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. Simple as that, dude. I think despite my hatred for him and his wish-washy rep, Jose Calderon can be a good #3 guard in fantasy lineups if he manages to stay healthy… COME ON, JEFF GREEN? What happened to last week’s numbers?..  Troy Murphy… anyone still own hi in fantasy leagues? Really… The more time that goes by, I’d rather have Brook Lopez a couple rounds later than Dwight Howard anywhere in the first…

BARGAIN ON A WIRE: Jody Meeks is the starting shooting guard in Philly and getting his share of points. It is about all he does, but if you need points… If you can use around 11 [points and 6 rebounds a game, Indy’s Josh McRoberts could be your guy… With 14 ppg and 11 rpg in his last three, could DeJuan Blair be turning it up?.. Jordan Farmar is always good to own, as you never know when Devin Harris is gonna be hurt-again… Amir Johnson will have his good and bad games, but in roto leagues, he is a good source of rebounds overall..

Check the news on these players before using them in the coming week: Stephen Curry (ankle), Jose Calderon (foot), and Devin Harris (shoulder),

All teams have three games except Atl, Hou, Ind, Mem, LAL, Min, NO, Phil, Port, Sac, Tor, all with four and Orlando with two. Only Dwight Howard is worth using off of Orlando.

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