Terry Gilliam's Complete LEGEND OF HALLOWDEGA Now Onilne!

Brought to you by The Legend Revealed on Halloween - October 31st


Last month we spotlighted the unique group of talent behind THE LEGEND OF HALLOWDEGA, an online documentary focusing on the stories of strange goings on at Talladega, the legendary Charlotte, NC race track. Hosted by David Arquette and WEEDS' Justin Kirk, featuring a who's-who of auto racing legends and most incredibly directed by the great Terry Gilliam. Easily one of the more eclectic pop culture mash-ups we'd come across in quite a while. The project initially launched on ESPN, tied into the Amp Energy Juice 500 at Talladega, which ran on Halloween.<p>

But now Gilliam's finished short film has gone live at the official LEGEND OF HALLOWDEGA website. Gilliam is always interesting and seeing him tackle such an odd juxtoposition of race culture and the supernatural does'nt disappoint. Gilliam is one of our most inspired filmmakers and between this project and his recent online work with Arcade Fire it's awesome to see him embracing the world of new media with such aplomb. You can check out the complete LEGEND OF HALLOWDEGA at the official website: LEGEND OF HALLOWDEGA

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