GeekWeek Podcast Episode 16

Your weekly dose of Geek flavored news including: Our latest Walking Dead review, Trailer reviews, Video Game awards, and much more.


Hosts: Bryan J Daggett, Chris Velarde


01:50 - Walking Dead - Tell it to the Frogs Review

06:25 - The Green Lantern Trailer is here

09:20 - Cowboy vs. Aliens = Ben10

10:33 - Apple Takes Kevlar Seriously

12:59 - BSG + Laberinto = The Hulk?

16:12 - The VGA Nominee's are in. Go Forth and VOTE!

20:55 - Nolan and IMAX sittin' in a tree

23:24 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Roster and More

24:52 - Tron Gets It's Very Own Store

26:57 - Ghost a Ghost

28:09 - Batman Inc.

30:39 - The Karaoke, MY GOD the Karaoke!

32:21 - Sitophilia

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