ACTIVISION/TREYARCH Provides Female Gamers With Two Free COD:BLACK OPS Avatar Outfits

If you're like me (a girl), you entered a code for avatar gear from Call of Duty: Black Ops and saw THIS message:

Cod denied
Whaaaaa???? NOOOOOOOOO!

So, what happened?

A slight 'my bad' on Activision's part meant codes for male only avatar gear were printed and included inside of the Hardened and Prestige edition packages. So to make up the grievous yet accidental error to their growing number of female fans, Activision quickly created two universal codes so that any female Xbox Live Avatar can be outfitted in two different Call of Duty: Black Ops gear free of charge. w00t!  

ANY Xbox account with a female Avatar can grab the two outfits (an SR 71 Flight Suit and a Woods Outfit) by entering the codes. LUCKILY, Joystiq reported that a user from CheapAssGamer (MEGA thanks!) stepped up and shared said codes so that the ladies of the world can indeed feel like 'there is a soldier in all of us' like the ad campaign claims. YAY!

After signing in to Xbox Live, go to 'Redeem Code', then enter:

(I used my Avatar so y'all can see what it looks like)

Flight suit
GYVF8-PF7RY-28D7V-VGWV8-CFGRM for the "SR 71 Flight Suit"


Woods outfit
R76BQ-CR3MF-G2TTF-9G36R-BQWJD for the "Woods Outfit."

NOTE: You can't preview these outfits before downloading. When you go to your Avatar Marketplace, they'll be in the 'Dress Up' section. Again, these codes are UNIVERSAL and FREE for all female Xbox Avatars of the world!

I feel pretty.

Pretty woods

NOW there is a soldier in ALL of us!!! Well done, Activision/Treyarch!

Prêt-à-Frag, beeches. Get ready.

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