Nicolas Cage to play hero AND villain in GHOST RIDER 2?


GHOST RIDER 2 is already shaping up to be my most anticipated superhero movie of all time, BATMAN 3 be damned. CRANK maestros Neveldine and Taylor directing Nicolas Cage is a match made in the awesomest depths of Hell, and my love for this idea is so great that I've even started a petition to be an extra in the movie.

Today, it just got better. Twice this morning, Neveldine and Taylor posted this to their Twitter account:

"The dual role of blaze/zarathos will be a nic cage classic"

Blaze, of course, is Ghost Rider's human alter ego. But Zarathos? Wikipedia says he's a demonic being who devours souls, not unlike Nicolas Cage in real life.

The Marvel Universe Wiki states that Mephisto, a devil played by Peter Fonda in the first movie, and apparently Ciaran Hinds in the sequel, "merged Zarathos with stunt rider Johnny Blaze, one of the Caretaker's charges, transforming into the vigilante Ghost Rider. Blaze and Zarathos remained bonded for years, their level of control over their shared form varying; twice they were briefly separated, once by the mage Azaziah hoping to usurp Zarathos' power, and them by Mephisto as part of a wager with Asmodeus, but were rejoined both times. Shortly after Nightmare restored Zarathos' lost memories, Ghost Rider encountered Centurious again; when Centurious was sucked into his own Crystal of Souls, Zarathos willing followed seeking vengeances, breaking his bond with Blaze."

So Neveldine and Taylor could just be being cryptic; technically, at least one version of Zarathos is simply the character we know as Ghost Rider, at a particular point in his life. But their choice of words implies a dual role for Cage, which worked out well when he did ADAPTATION, and should work out even better with directors who will never, EVER tell him to "hold back."

Also imdb says Christopher Lambert is rumored for a part. Probably just idealistic fanboy BS, but if true, this project just keeps getting better and better, in ways only fanboys can appreciate.

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