LBCC: A Sit Down With Mike Mignola

Hellboy creator Mike Mingola switched things up a bit this year with a strictly Q&A solo panel; a dangerous but intriguing idea. Without hesitation, the first few missles were directed at Mingolas involvement with director Guillermo Del Torro and a third Hellboy film installment. Mignola quickly dispelled any rumors of a live action or animated sequel. He did hint, however, that Universal was interested in an animated B.P.R.D. movie/series, simply because "the Hellboy name just doesn't sell well." No dates or production schedule were divulged. Mignola dropped somewhat of a bomb when he announced that he and long-time collaborator Chris Golden would be co-writing an original supernatural novel. Mignola will be providing 70 illustrations for the novel which should wrap later next year.

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