GeekWeek Podcast Episode 12

The first LIVE broadcast of the GeekWeek Podcast is here, and with it comes a grand surprise.


Hosts: Bryan J Daggett, Chris Velarde, Gabe Evans

01:35 - Tom Hardy cast in third Batman installment

03:25 - Rhys Ifans Joins the cast of the Spider-Man reboot

04:41 - DC Comics drops prices

06:20 - Walking Dead Novel trilogy

08:52 - Archie Comics to publish Mega-Man comic

09:52 - Behind the scene of AMC's The Walking Dead

11:52 - Google = Cyberdine

12:44 - Super Secret Rumor time

13:42 - The Force Unleashed 2 Trailer

16:01 - Duke Nukem Demo packaged with Borderlands GOTY Edition

18:40 - Gabe's Short/Sweet review of My soul to take

20:04 - Eric Stoltz Footage in Back to the Future

20:10 - Harry Potter fought 3D and won

22:13 - Muppets!

23:18 - Vote for Animation

24:02 - How to Train your Dragon on DVD/Blu-Ray

24:40 - Damon Lindelof + Alien Prequel

31:51 - The Gentlemen of Alter Ego Comic Cast and Hideous Engery Love us?

32:33 - Crosshair Jeff Katz and Marc Silvestri 

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