Former LucasArts Execs Form FEARLESS STUDIOS

This morning in Marin, CA, Fearless Studios, co-founded by award-winning writer and game director Haden Blackman (creator/Senior Executive Producer of Star Wars: TFU) and strategist Cedrick Collomb (former Director of Engineering at LucasArts) revealed that they are indeed a reality and are REALLY looking forward to creating some groundbreaking videogames.

“At Fearless Studios, we believe great videogames should leave a lasting impression, an indelible mark on players, our industry, and even the wider culture. By taking bold, creative risks and tackling new challenges, Fearless Studios will fuse the best of story and gameplay to immerse, engage, and affect players just as deeply as our favorite films and novels.” - Haden Blackman, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer of Fearless Studios.

Joining the senior team as Acting CFO is Marc Jackson, founder of Seahorn Capital Group. Jackson is known for his work as a strategic advisor for clients Warner Bros Interactive, Film Finances Inc., and THQ Inc, advising on $100M in production financing of video game projects like Batman: Arkham Asylum (Rocksteady's first title), and has over 20 years of experience in senior management roles in MANY facets of the entertainment industry. Jackson founded Seahorn in 2008 as a full-service boutique advisory and brokerage to promote early-stage capital formation for the benefit of game industry entrepreneurs and innovators. Seahorn Capital Group also serves as financial advisor and business development partner of Fearless Studios.

“Fearless Studios will marry compelling content with the most advanced game technologies and software, crafted and customized specifically for the experiences we want to create. We’re not building technology for its own sake; we want everything we do to show up onscreen to entertain the player—that’s all that matters to us.” - Cedrick Collomb, Co-President and Chief Technology Officer of Fearless Studios.

SO, what does this all mean? It means you should be excited, B-E EXCITED.

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