DR.WHO is immortal now?

As a fairly recent convert to the Dr. Who U, I'm not sure I'm the most qualified to comment on this story-- but I think even a casual fan is aware of the Doctor's long-standing 12 lives regeneration mytho.


If you're part of the uninitiated, you're probably at least aware that Who's are a bit like Bonds-- in that, there have been a lot of them. Story-wise, this has been explained as the Doctor is the last in a race of beings known as the Time Lords-- and while not immortal, they do live an extraordinarily long time (900 years, Who-experts can correct me if I'm wrong,) and have the ability to regenerate into different bodies.

Production-wise, the regenration bit was a clever way to bridge different actors into each series. Each new Doctor was the same person-- albeit with a different face and different mannerisms.

The trick is, he could only do it 12 times.

Of course, now the BBC says that isn't true:

What was only a teaser last week has suddenly become fact. Doctor Who’s regeneration limit of 12, long a part of the Time Lord’s canon, is going away. And, strangely, it won’t be treated as a big deal, either, as the whole matter will be resolved in a simple passing comment.

And if that isn't enough to make your blood boil, this rather large cannonical event isn't even taking place in a Dr. Who episode-- but instead will be in the shoot-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures:

The moment comes in the CBBC spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which stars former companion Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. Matt Smith, who plays the current Doctor Who, guest stars in a two-part episode called The Death of the Doctor, to be screened on October 25 and 26. While the Doctor and Clyde Langer, played by Daniel Anthony, are in the process of outwitting spooky vulture undertakers the Shansheeth, Clyde asks how many times he can regenerate. The Doctor indicates that there is no limit. The action continues.


Seems to me that the Who staff missed a real opportunity for an interesting storyline down the road. I'm not saying they shouldn't re-boot if the series progresses beyond a 13th Doctor-- but to throw away a long standing part of the show's mythology in a spin-off series seems a little...odd.

What do you make of it Geekweek? No big deal? Or is this the Who version of Spider-Man's One More Day?

Tim Simmons writes the online comic, Spy6teen. All he wants for his next birthday is a TARDIS.

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