BUBBLE BOBBLE DOUBLE Comes To iPhone/iPod Touch


Taito brings a faithful and exciting update to the 1986 classic Bubble Bobble to iPhone and iPod Touch, Bubble Bobble Double. An innovative all-new action game conceived especially for touchscreen play, Bubble Bobble Double delivers two very different play experiences in a single application.
Designed especially for the iPhone and iPod Touch, BBD includes a mode called "New Style", which boasts intuitive touchscreen play. In this game, players protect hero Bubblun from waves of approaching enemies by trapping them in bubbles. The player’s path through the game and the bonus items that appear depend greatly on the strategies used by the player (including trapping multiple enemies together in a single bubble, or setting off high scoring chain reactions) that result into a deep play experience. New Style mode also features updated graphics, visual effects, and stunning boss battles while still preserving the beloved bubble-popping exhilaration of the classic arcade game.

When playing in "Classic Style", you'll find yourself immersed in a faithful version of the original Bubble Bobble, including all the items you know and loved: 100 levels of play, the beloved Extend bubbles AND all the bonus items are there to give the old school and the new school kids a rip-roaring good time!

For more info on where to buy Bubble Bobble Double (as well as their other fun stuffs like Gardening Mama and Space Invaders Infinity Gene) go to their official website!

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