BLOOD BROTHERS: a mixtape for the 80s action star in us all!

Training for a marathon? Maybe learning some secrets of ninjitsu to avenge your family? Or are you just hitting up a Russian farm during the cold winter to beef up for your fight against Ivan Drago?

Well, if it's any of those things, you're gonna need some music...

Lucky for you, DJA & Dirty South Joe have put together THE ultimate 80s action mix:


This isn't your ordinary mix-- The guys actually put together a sequence that takes you through a film. The training, the fight, and then the ultimate redemption when your flawless victory has been achieved.  

And if that's not enough to sell ya...three-- count 'em, THREE Stan Bush songs. 

If you've got the stones, hit play:

Blood Bros: First Blood by maddecent

In the meantime, that'll be me walking away from a huge fireball explosion.

Here's your tracklist:


Big ups to the nicest guy in comics, the one and only, Pat Loika, for turning me onto this!

Tim Simmons has the touch. He also has the power. When he isn't rocking out to the most badass mix ever created, he writes the comic, Spy6teen. He also tweets @citizentim.

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