September 2010

Week 4 NFL Survival Picks

The first BYE week of the season has arrived leaving us short on games. Never fear, The Major has five sure fire winners heading into Week 4.

8BITWOOD Takes VG Art To A New Level

Ever wish you could have an 8-bit version Link or that pain in the ass dog from Duck Hunt as a conversation piece for your wall? Well, wish no more my little geekdarlings...for local L.A. company 8BITWOOD is here to help. “What IS 8BITWOOD?” you ask. Well, 8BITWOOD is a...

Rockstar Releases RED DEAD REDEMPTION Zombie DLC Trailer

After much teasing, Rockstar has finally released a trailer for its upcoming RDR "undead nightmare" DLC. Looks like John Marston is going to have his hands full warding off zombie humans (and zombie animals, it seems).

Marvel Takes A Nice Jab (and right hook) at Terry Richardson

Oh No They Didn't points out that this X-Men issue has a pervy photographer named Barry Richardmans get his ass kicked. A nice jab at Terry Richardson and his infamous treatment of models. Having met Terry a few times I think the museum stuff is a little bit of a...

DAILY COMIC: I Fight Crime #194

Strip #194 For complete archives of I Fight Crime check out Follow Richard Fairgray on Twitter. Follow I Fight Crime on Twitter. I Fight Crime and all related characters are Copyright Richard Faigray 2010

Week 3: Peaks & Valleys

A panoramic of the NFL fantasy landscape after Week 3.

I AM NUMBER FOUR Teaser Trailer

Today Yahoo! Movies premiered the teaser trailer for Dreamworks' I Am Number Four based on the New York Times bestselling young adult series by James Frey and some other guy (relax his name Jobie Hughes, but no one cares because Oprah never sweared a fatwa on him like she did...

Premiere of the new Wolf Parade video for Yulia, directed by Scott Coffey

directed by the always incredible Scott Coffey Says Coffey Wolf Parade’s Expo 86 [SubPop 2010] has been the soundtrack of the summer of 2010 for me. When I first heard Yulia my head was flooded with images. The song is totally cinematic and has an urgent, longing drive that I...

FANTASY FOOTBALL: Week 3 Recap & Week 4 Advice

It's bye time in fantasy football! Here's a recap of last week and advice for Week 4, courtesy of This is an excerpt from The Geekly Update. To read the whole column, click here...

Nintendo To Release Wii Remote Plus

For any of you out there that hate switching the Wii Motion-Plus out of that damn rubber sleeve, I give you the solution to all of your problems: Confirming a GameStop listing from late last week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced at a press briefing in Japan last night the...

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS To Include Zombie Mode

Treyarch, the developers of the CALL OF DUTY series, confirmed today that November's BLACK OPS release will include zombies in the game's four player co-op mode, according to Kotaku. The studio had included a zombie-shooting mode in the previous CALL OF DUTY game, whose popularity spawned several iPhone spin-offs. Treyarch...

Spotted In NYC: Iron Man Dancing To Some Sick Beats

Here's a video of Iron Man dancing in a New York City park. Why? That's between Tony Stark and the camera. [via Heat Vision]


This is the story of the time Stavros The Contractor met Justin Bieber. It was very much of excitement. For more STAVROS THE CONTRACTOR going to HERE. Now follow me on the Twitterings and to my Website.

Guybrush Threepwood Is In THE FORCE UNLEASHED II?

While you may still have to wait a little bit longer for the next episode in the The Force Unleashed franchise, we at least get a bit of good news this morning - as everyone's favorite swashbuckler, Guybrush Threepwood, is ready to lend his persona to the new Star Wars...


We are proud to welcome two new shows to our weekly streaming line-up at GeekWeek. HIGHWAY 2 HELMS, starring wrestling superstar Hurricane Helms, is a weekly look at all things pop culture from the eye of the Hurricane himself. Helms broadcasts weekly from North Carolina, featuring a host of news,...