I AM NUMBER FOUR Teaser Trailer

Today Yahoo! Movies premiered the teaser trailer for Dreamworks' I Am Number Four based on the New York Times bestselling young adult series by James Frey and some other guy (relax his name Jobie Hughes, but no one cares because Oprah never sweared a fatwa on him like she did with Frey after he lied in his bullshit memior).

I hope you like your aliens extra sparkelly because theres a heavy Twilight vibe in Mr. Blue Eyes below.


It seems apropriate that director DJ Caruso who's spent the last few years ripping off paying homage to Hitchcock movies (Disturbia aka Rear Window in High School & Eagle Eye aka The LaBeouf Who Knew Too Much in College) has joined forces with James Frey in ripping off, lying, borrowing paying homage to the TV Show Roswell which was itself based on a series of young adult books. I'm sure neither of them have ever read or watched either and will swear to it in a court of law. But DJ has definetly seen Twilight.

That being said the effects in this movie looking better than anything in the Twlight series, and my secret man-crush Timothy Olyphant is a cast member, and I actually really enjoyed The Salton Sea and Mr. Caruso's work on The Shield so I'm willing to stay open minded.

PS - Aren't you the least bit impressed I didn't make some snarky comment along the lines of, "Number 4 looks more like Number 2."

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