ChromeSkull Is Back!! LAID TO REST II Confirmed


All you horror fans out there should be gearing up for some bloody action with HATCHET II this weekend, but if you didn't already know it looks like our good old friend ChromeSkull, from the ultra-gory LAID TO REST is about to get the sequel treatment as well. Bloody Disgusting has got word that one of the most vicious slasher villains to come along in some time has got the green-light to wreak havoc on some more unsuspecting victims. The sick and demented ChromeSkull pulled off some of the most insane kills in the original and now he seems to have strapped his camera back on his shoulder for another round of destruction.

Almost Human FX specialist Robert Hal is bringing ChromeSkull back for more slasher mayhem in ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest II, with filming commencing on November 1. Hall is penning the script with producing partner Kevin Bocarde. Hall, Bocarde and Chang Tseng are producing the film under their Dry County Entertainment banner. Returning for the sequel are original Laid to Rest stars Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010) and Nick Principe, donning the by now familiar mask of ChromeSkull. Although casting is still underway, the film already boasts an impressive new line-up of stars including Brian Austin Green ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," "90210"), Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Victim), Christopher Nelson (Kill Bill: Volume 1, The Tripper), Jennifer Blanc (Bereavement, The Victim) and Danielle Harris (Halloween, Stakeland, Hatchet 2). 


So, how many of you are excited that the baddest man on the planet is coming back for Round 2? I, for one, can't wait to see what he does next. Plus, maybe we'll get a little more info on what motivates this psycho. Because, honestly, this sick puppy has no soul.

LAID TO REST 3: CONCEPTION, a prequel, has already been announced as well.

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