UCLA alum Darren Collison will start (and ball) for the Indiana Pacers in 2010-11...

There was a four-team, five-player trade that went down in the NBA the other day. It will definitely have fantasy ramifications. The highlights have Darren Collison become the starting point guard with the Indiana Pacers, with Trevor Ariza moving to Charlotte, Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets, and Courtney Lee to Houston. Collison, who became an unexpected fantasy big boy last season understudying for the oft-injured Chris Paul, gets out from under CP3’s wing t o a team where a quality point guard has been a necessity for years. Playing beside Danny Granger, the UCLA alum should continue to show off the quality stats he had when stepping in for Charlotte last season. Ariza should see his numbers stay about the same as they were in Houston. Perhaps the magnificent passing of Paul will add to his point totals. Murphy should compliment Nets’ center Brook Lopez nicely to form a good shooting, strong rebounding frontcourt. They need people to step up in Jersey, so Murph will probably get the opportunity to shoot the ball a lot… Lee should step into Ariza’s shooting guard spot in Texas and based on the development we saw this past season, 15 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists are a highly likely starting expectation point.

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