Trade Fallout:

Will Ted lilly be a rose on the Dodgers' pitching staff?

We all know about the trades that went down prior to trade deadline day. There were a few significant trades on deadline day, but no blockbusters to speak of. I especially know this as I sit at the computer during the Geekspeak Fantasy Show we did yesterday, hoping there would be some massive trade to report and analyze for the masses. No such luck. Maybe next season. But, certainly yesterday’s movement will have some fantasy relevance for the owners of the players involved. Below we take a quick look at how the latest shuffling of players affect the output we expect from them.

Ted Lilly, along with Cub teammate Ryan Theriot are headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Lilly, a Dodger once before, has been 3-8 with a 3.70 ERA in his last 11 decisions. He hasn’t pitched that badly. The Ballpark in Los Angeles should add to his win total and bring his ERA down just a bit, so expect something to bloom with Lilly. Theriot will start at second base for the Dodgers and as a singles hitter, should continue to stay his current useable pace.

Many feel that Chris Snyder’s days as a #1 catcher are over with the trade to Pittsburgh, as they already have Ryan Doumit in the lineup. However, management is going to use Doumit as a super utility-type at catcher, 1b, 3b and the outfield. Snyder should get at least four starts a week, so keep using hum in deep leagues and Doumit as before.

Hopefully, Ryan Ludwicks overcomes having to hit at Petco Park to keep his #3 OF status in fantasy leagues...

Ryan Ludwick is now a San Diego Padre. He was always streaky, but expect his power numbers to go down with half his games played at Petco Park. He remains a #3 outfielder with his new team… Jake Westbrook, who went to St. Louis from Cleveland in part of a three way deal, gains value as he now is under the supervision of pitching Guru Dave Duncan. He has been a mediocre pitcher at best in his career, but look for a move to the NL to make an instant difference in Westy’s stats. The wins should also increase with more run support.


Rookie Domonic Brown has been given a playing opportunity in Philadelphia and is flying off the waiver wire in NL-only , as well a mixed leagues…Chris Johnson is playing every day and streaking at the plate for the Houston Astros. His teammate Brett Wallace is taking Lance Berkman’s place in Houston and is looked upon as a future star, so take a flier in keeper leagues… Jon Jay should benefit from the departure of Ludwick in St. Louis… Josh Tomlin is being very ignored, though he is pitching well in Cleveland…


Before committing in week 18, check the injury status on Carlos Pena (foot), Joe Mauer (shoulder), Josh Hamilton (knee), Raul Ibanez (knee), Martin Prado (finger), Juan Uribe (hammy), Matt Lindstrom (back), Aramis Ramirez (thumb), Ben Zobrist (back), and Ryan Howard (ankle).


Two-start pitchers for the week ahead:

Use ‘em:

R Halladay

T Hudson

M Latos

C Lewis

Y Gallardo

Jo Santana

Steady and Willing:

C Pavano

AJ Burnett

J Lackey

J Sanchez

T Cahill

J Beckett

T Lilly

B Myers

M Buerhle

H Kuroda

C Richard

D Lowe

J Saunders

R Wells

J Westbrook

Only if you have to, but take an antacid first:

T Wood

B Morrow

LK Hernandez

F Carmona

J Vargas

B Duensing

R Porcello

A Cook

J Guthrie

J Helickson

S Olsen

B Bannister

D Huff

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ You’ll be sorrrryyyyy ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫:

P Maholm

R Lopez

R Ohlendorf

S West

T Bell

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