Disney/Universal Considering a LORD OF THE RINGS Theme Park?


     Middle Earth might be coming closer to North America in a few years: The One Ring has picked up on some Disney-related message board postings regarding a possible LORD OF THE RINGS theme park.

     Prompted perhaps by the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney has been sending out e-mail surveys that include a LOTR theme park pitch, likely to gauge the response of the target demographic. Here's a snippet of the e-mail one poster received:

"Imagine if you will a world unlike any you've ever visited before: it's Middle Earth, the ancient and beautiful land forged by J.R.R. Tolkien as the backdrop for his two most well known creations, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Walk as a human among dwarves, elves, orcs and hobbits -- all faithfully recreated and portrayed in the spirit of the original characters as they appeared in both the books and the movies. In this land you'll experience one-of-a-kind rides and attractions that bring to life some of the most memorable experiences of Tolkien's world including Bilbo's hobbit hole, the fortress at Isengard (before it was destroyed) and even the dark world of Mordor -- including the terrifying volcanic Mount Doom."

     Mordor as a family-friendly theme park attraction? Maybe Universal and Disney ought to re-think this one.

[via Slashfilm; image via filmcritic.com

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