Comic-Con BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Posters Hit The Web

     Last week, Comic-Con attendees had the opportunity to preview several posters for the alien invasion movie BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. Now, the posters that aided the film's Comic-Con debut are available for viewing online, and they feature a website that could only be part of Sony's viral marketing plan.

     BATTLE: LOS ANGELES stars Aaron Eckhart as as Marine staff sergeant who leads a guerilla-style attack on invading aliens as Los Angeles is transformed into a perilous war zone. The posters provide some back-story for the film, suggesting that the aliens who attack Los Angeles in the movie are not total strangers to Earth. It appears that the aliens have spent decades looming in the sky, possibly gathering intelligence on some of the world's major cities.

      Buenosaires  London                                        Seoul  La                                        Los angeles

     The website,, redirects to Sony's site for BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. There isn't much on the site yet, but it looks like the viral marketing has only just begun.

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