Webcomic Wednesday: reMIND

In a lot of ways, Jason Brubaker's reMIND is exactly why I started doing Webcomic Wednesday. I found it through Warren Ellis' forum and was captivated by the sample artwork Jason had posted-- take a look, and I'm sure you'll agree:

(note: you really should click on this to view it full size-- the small version doesn't do it justice)

reMIND differs a bit from standard webcomics-- in fact, Jason bills it as "The Making of a Graphic Novel"-- The site is actually more of a blog about the work-in-progress of independently creating a Coffee-Table OGN mixed with the sensibilities of a high-end design book. Having recently been awarded the prestigious Xeric award, he's well on his way to realizing his vision.

That's not to say that you can't read it in-progress. reMIND updates every Monday with a double page spread-- currently he's at pages 68 and 69, so you've got a good amount to catch up on.

By day, Jason works at Dreamworks, which might explain why reMIND was originally intended to be animated :

“I scrapped it after doing 5 minutes because it took way too long. Jim Ballantine suggested I make a graphic novel instead and here I am now. Most of this art is what got me hired at Dreamworks to do visual development, but I still force myself to work on it at nights and weekends. Gotta keep the dream alive. Luckily most of it was finished before I started at Dreamworks so I’m more or less just finishing the coloring now days.

“I’m giving myself the goal of November to finish so that I can have it ready for the next Comic Con. Basically by the time I have most of the pages online, It should be in print. Hopefully. My site features my working pages as well as what I’ve been learning in the process.”

In addition to the actual story, reMIND's blog offers a wealth of information, with interviews and tutorials on his process. Bookmark it and set aside some time for your visit to reMIND, you'll probably be there for a bit!

You can begin reading reMIND from the very first page here.

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