Sam Worthington To Star As Warner Bros. Finalizes Deal For DAN DARE.


Maybe Hollywood can do this franchise more justice than it did with JUDGE DREDD. Hopefully though, it could be the start of several movies that will feature British comic book characters.  Surely, that has to be a better option than the retreads we have had to wade through over the past few years?

Warner Bros. is heading into space with "Dan Dare," closing a deal for the feature rights to the British property with Sam Worthington attached to star.

Basil Iwanyk ("Clash of the Titans") will produce through his Thunder Road banner.

"Dan Dare," created by Frank Hampson, first appeared as a comic in 1950 and centered on a gallant chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet. Time frame was the 1990s and the complex adventures were set on planets presumed to have extraterrestrial life.

Dare, described as the British equivalent of Buck Rogers, also appeared in radio programs and a TV series, "Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future."


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