Warner Bros. "Seriously Considering" Jon Hamm For SUPERMAN


     Is Jon Hamm the face - and body - of the next Superman? According to Comic Book Movie, he might be. One of the site's sources says that Warner Bros. is eyeing Hamm to play the Man of Steel in the upcoming reboot.

     The 39 year-old actor, of MAD MEN fame, is a bit older than most actors being considered for these comic book franchises. But with Hamm's feature film career really taking off this year, it's not a complete surprise that he is a contender for the role of Kal-El. In fact, Hamm is quite the fan favorite online, so Warner Bros. may simply be wise to who will please Superman's legion of fans.

     Several other names have been tossed around in the Internet rumor mill recently, including CHUCK's Zachary Levi, SMALLVILLE's Tom Welling, and the Clark Kent of SUPERMAN RETURNS, Brandon Routh. However, producer Christopher Nolan has yet to give any indication of who the studio wants to go with for the 2012 reboot.

[image via sidereel.com

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