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The Indelicates are one of my favourite bands. They write intelligent angry pop songs in the style of Luke Haines fronting the E Street band. I loved their first record American Demos, released two years ago. So when I read that the label that released their album was folding, I was worried for their future.

I needn’t have worried though. The Indelicates are pretty resourceful. Using funding from the wide array of merchandise they sell online (which includes both a book of poetry they’ve written and homemade fudge). They recorded an album by themselves and set up their own record label.

Their record label has one significant difference from any other label: you sign yourself to it. If you are a singer or a band, you can go to and start sharing your music with people immediately.


I think they put it best themselves:


“As the traditional music industry struggles to adapt to the challenge of the internet, we make it simple for musicians to share, sell and promote their work. Sell single tracks or group them into multiple albums, set minimum prices or use a pay-what-you-like system, embed your tracks in blogs and share static download links on Twitter and Facebook... Corporate Records is designed to reflect the music market that exists and to make it easy for artists to get all they can from it.

It's free, simple and quick to sign up and, after Paypal charges, you'll receive 80% of the revenue you generate. We take no rights, no setup fees and your music is available immediately. Take control, we're here for you to exploit.”


Anyhow, I’ve been having a look at the roster, and besides the Indelicates I think my favourite is the 10p Mixes. I’m a sucker for twee acoustic indie-pop.


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