Russell Brand To Star As Swashbuckler Hawkwood


     The "notoriously flamboyant" Russell Brand is set to star as the "notoriously flamboyant" 14th century mercenary John Hawkwood in Fox's historical action comedy.

     As Total Film reports, Brand himself pitched the idea of HAWKWOOD to Nicky Weinstock, Fox's head of comedy with whom Brand had previously worked on FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and GET HIM TO THE GREEK. Weinstock reportedly loved the idea and has hired Jared Stern to write the script. No director is attached to the project, and a release date has yet to be announced. 

     While details of Brand's pitch are unknown, the role of Hawkwood sounds Sparrow-esque. Do you think Brand's Hawkwood will be able to take on Johnny Depp's iconic Jack Sparrow? Sound off in the comments!



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