Robert Rodriguez Unveils MACHETE Comic Book Cover

In addition to his epic MACHETE Comic-Con street party, where fans were treated to footage and complimentary tacos from the Machete-themed taco truck, Rodriguez also unveiled the cover to the new MACHETE comic book.

As an acknowledgment of the fans who couldn't get into the actual party, Rodriguez unveiled seven minutes of Machete that he projected onto a huge building so that those stuck outside the perimeter could enjoy the onscreen carnage.

Breaking news! Director Robert Rodriguez in conjunction with publisher IDW has teamed up with über comic artist Juan Doe to execute the covers for the new Machete comic based on the "Mexploitation" film of the same name.

The first Machete comic, issue #0, will be released in September, with issues 1-5 breaking in December.

Robert Rodriguez and his long time producer Aaron Kaufman wrote the story with Stuart Sager handling the artwork and Zach Howard doing coloring.


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