Mandeville Sets It's Sights On Top Cow's CROSSHAIR

Variety is reporting that Mandeville Films has optioned the rights to the Top Cow comic CROSSHAIR - written by GeekWeek's own Jeff Katz - to be developed into a feature film. The book premiered at Comic Con where the deal was hatched and announced at Top Cow's panel on Saturday of Con.

The Disney-based production shingle, run by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, will shepherd the film with Top Cow. The two paired up and brokered a deal to develop the pic as Comic-Con wrapped up in San Diego.

"Crosshair" revolves around a former CIA assassin-turned-suburban superdad who must race against the clock to stop a program inside his brain from turning him into an unstoppable killing machine whose target is the U.S. president.

"Crosshair is a unique premise in which the main character is both the hero and the villain," Lieberman said. "This dichotomy is very unsettling, which makes it a fantastic twist for audiences."


The book will hit stores October 6th. 

The property was created by Marc Silvestri with Silvestri and Allan Jefferson illustrating the book. Congrats to GeekWeek founder Jeff Katz and all of our friends at Top Cow on the announcement.


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