LYT's Fast Food Review: The KFC Doublicious


The following review works best if sung/spoken aloud to the beat of Fergie's "Fergalicious":

Doublicious definition

Makes this boy go crazy

They want the spin-off

So they make a rip-off that is lazy


KFC, see, it ain’t breezy

You can’t please me just this easy

There’s a reason the Double Down pleased ‘em

This is a cynical attempt to squeeze ‘em


Doublicious (It’s not the Double Down!)

Not delicious (the spongy bun just makes me frown!)

No, it ain’t grease-viscous

And if you were suspicious

The grilled bun’s dryness is pernicious


I got wishes

That KFC food won’t suck, suck

But I be findin’ not much luck

When I look at what I got

(One, one, dry, breast)


Not delicious

(It’s not, not)

So delicious

(They cut the thing in half)

Not delicious

(It loses taste on a dry bun)

The Doublicious

(N-n-nasty, nasty)

Doublicious def-

Doublicious def-


Doublicious definition

Brings the people round

They almost think they know it, looks like half a Double Down

D to the O, U-B-L-E

Double should mean TWO, you stupid cooks of KFC!


(not delicious)

My dry mouth’s getting’ vicious

I be cravin’ extra lettuce

Or some sauce, within my wishes

This is witless

(Ooh yeah)

The grilled breast don’t quite suck, suck

But I’m still not linin’ up

On Del Taco I will sup

Not delicious
(A dud, dud)
No delicious
(It hits my stomach with a thud, thud)
Not delicious
(If you want a taste of the Double Down...)
No Doublicious

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