Del Toro Reveals More On THE HAUNTED MANSION Plot


      After announcing at Comic-Con that he would be helming an adaptation of Disney's The Haunted Mansion, Guillermo del Toro has opened up some more about the movie's plot.

      del Toro told MTV that, as a big fan of the ride himself, he plans to draw from his passion for and knowledge of the ride's history to shape the film's story.

"The storyline for 'The Haunted Mansion' and the ride is quite open...We are taking sort of the core mythology that you can tap into and saying that there are many mansions around the world and they're all part of a sort of web. The spider sitting at the center of the web is what the fans of 'The Haunted Mansion' would know by the nickname the Hatbox Ghost, which is a beautiful creature that was created but there's a legend that it was discarded on the first day of the ride's operation because it was too scary. I like that legend, but the reality is that the imagineers could not make the illusion work, so they took it out. It's more or less where the bride is in the attic on the way out of the mansion, but it's such a great character that there is literally a cult for the Hatbox Ghost amongst hardcore 'Haunted Mansion' fanatics, and I'm one of them."

      To mollify skeptics, del Toro insisted that the film will have a heightened reality tailored to the plot. "It's not just a regular world with a haunted mansion plopped in the middle," he said.

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