AMC unveils THE WALKING DEAD motion comic

Earlier today, AMC's blog released a motion comic of The Walking Dead-- running around 8 minutes, it covers about the first half of the first issue. Robot 6 speculates that this might simply be a teaser for the Live Action show, and not an adaptation of the series-- although the video concludes with a "To Be Continued," so we can hope that AMC will push a few more out-- perhaps concluding with the the end of the first trade paperback?

It's a pretty impressive piece of work. I'm not a fan of motion comics, but the animators at Juice Films have put together a decent argument that the format could work. I do suspect there were a lot of sleepless nights putting together a motion comic with this much motion, so kudos to you, Juice Films!

Check out the video here and let us know what you think!

Tim Simmons writes the non-Motion webcomic/OGN, Spy6teen. He posts the Frodos on Fridays, and can be found murmuring "Braaaaainnnns" on Twitter.

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