PUNISHER Movie Rights Revert To Marvel ... Now What?

Perhaps now there is a chance we will get a Movie/TV Show that can do justice to this franchise.  The Punisher embodies everything needed for a kick-ass, blockbuster movie and yet nobody has been able to come up with a magic formula. Come on people, this one shouldn't be rocket science.

At the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige announced that the movie and TV rights to the Punisher had reverted to Marvel from Lionsgate, which produced two films, The Punisher (2004), and Punisher: War Zone (2008). 


The original Punisher movie, which cost $33 million to produce, earned $54.7 million worldwide, which means that the film might have broken even with DVD and ancillary sales (the rule of thumb is that the theatrical gross has to double a film cost to reach the break even point).


Punisher: War Zone however earned just $10.1 million worldwide against a cost of $35 million.  Lionsgate could have produced another Punisher film if it so desired, but it has obviously informed Marvel that it is giving up on the franchise. 

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