Playing Red Dead Redemption? The Jonah Hex movie didn't quite do it for you? Is your appetite whetted for some Western awesomeness? Then I've got the webcomic for you!

The Guns of Shadow Valley is an Eisner Nominated, gonzo western webcomic written by Dave Wachter and James Clark-- Illustrated by Dave and with letters by Thomas Mauer...annnnnd it's pretty bitchin'.


I've known Dave and Jim (and Thomas) for a few years now via board chatter, plus Dave and I are sometimes mistaken as brothers-- despite the fact that we look nothing alike and have different last names.
I was a fan of their previous print outing, Scar Tissue, which they released a few years back. Scar Tissue was good, but I felt the guys weren't quite there yet-- I'm happy to say that Guns delivers the artistic (both written and visual) promise that their first book showcased.

I originally read Guns when I picked up the Comic Con preview edition (was it last year? Geez...time flies) and was blown away by the massive jump in Dave's artwork-- and his stuff keeps getting better and better as the weeks go on. 

Ironically, it's at SDCC that Guns of Shadow Valley was born:
(and tell me this isn't a great pitch)

Jim: Dave had the original idea of doing a western crossed with superheroes. He pitched the concept to me at San Diego Comic Con International a couple years back, with the idea that it would be "The Magnificent Seven" meets the Justice League. We started building characters and plot elements around the idea until we had the story in place.

Week to week, Dave's art keeps getting better and better. What I saw back in Scar Tissue was a comic artist that really had his story-telling shit down. With Guns, his game is stepping with with a moody color palette (see above) and very effective pacing with the "widescreen" page layout.

Guns of Shadow Valley updates on Tuesday with a page a week. The site is well designed, with a backlog of material for you to dive into. If you're headed to SDCC this year, stop by and meet Jim and Dave at the Dial R booth on the con floor! You might even be able to talk Dave into a sketch!

If you'd like to learn a little more about the book, the LA Examiner just ran a nice interview with Jim

Tim Simmons launched his webcomic Spy6teen earlier this week. Page updates are on Monday, and he'll have a fresh blog up for you tomorrow!

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