I have mixed emotions about the outcome of the NBA Championship Series and a second-straight Los Angeles Lakers clinch… I am happy for my ten month-old buddy Dave, who always sports a Laker Jersey and basketball shorts on game day, and always rocks his outfits, incidentally. He seems to cry more on days after the Lakers lose, so… I am sad for the Fantasy Geek, a true die-hard Boston fan in the worst way. He cries more on days after the Celtics lose, so… I was glad to see that coach Phil Jackson had wised up and taken center Andrew Bynum out of the major mix, as Lamar Odom in the lineup makes for better team chemistry- sorry, 'Drew, but you find a new way to disappoint every season…. I was appalled that the L. A. team won game seven with a 33% shooting rate- somehow that’s just not right. But 37 trips to the charity stripe, even if you only shoot 68% there, usually does it… I was disappointed that the Celtics had to foul so much. Maybe Kendrick Perkins being missing from the lineup was a bigger it-factor than realized. Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace did do their jobs as replacements, though. I have to imagine that Davis will have some fantasy relevancy in a revamped Celtics lineup next season. He has Paul Milsap-potential written all over him… And I stand fast in my opinion after watching these 2010 playoffs that Rajon Rondo will be a top twelve pick in NBA Fantasy Drafts in the next campaign... Did I mention I was also frightened for the city of Los Angeles with another "celebration" in progress? LEAVE MY CAR ALONE!

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